Weather Related Roof Damage

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Weather Related Roof Damage

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The old saying goes that April showers bring May flowers, so you might expect that month to be particularly wet. In the Orlando area, however, April sees relatively little rain compared to June, which averages around 8 inches each year.

Each month brings its own weather-related issues and potential problems for your home’s first line of weather defense: the roof. Most of the weather that comes your way is stopped first by the roof, so being aware of the myriad ways that weather can damage your roof will help you protect this valuable asset. Take care of your roof so that it can take care of you. Start by being aware of weather-related events in the Orlando area.


Too much of anything can be bad. With rain, this truth is especially noteworthy. Excessive rain can cause water to find cracks and holes that ordinarily would not be a problem. Once the rain has found its way beyond a roof’s shingles, the water can begin to do some serious damage.


Usually the rain itself won’t be a problem. It’s the accompanying wind that compromises the integrity of the roof. Even moderately strong gusts can lift shingles, allowing rain to get underneath. Wind can also send shingles flying, leaving spots completely open to the elements.

Wind can also blow debris onto a roof. Branches can impact shingles, damaging them. A large enough limb can seriously damage a roof beneath the shingles, leading to cracked wood and then to leaks. Wind-blown debris like leaves and pine needles can clog gutters, leading to overflows that damage the roof, soffits, and foundations.


Strong summer thunderstorms often bring hail. Even small hailstones can wreak havoc on a roof. The Orlando area has already experienced several hail events in 2018, with more expected during the warm summer months.

The impact force of hail can punch holes in shingles and can degrade the surface of the shingles. A small hailstorm can dramatically age a roof.

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When you experience a severe weather event in the Orlando area that you suspect has damaged your roof, contact us at J. A. Edwards America. We can inspect your roof, communicate with the insurance company, and repair or replace the damage.