September House Maintenance

September House Maintenance

September House Maintenance

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As summer begins to slow down a bit for the Orlando area, it’s time to start thinking about early autumn house maintenance. September is a good month to pay attention to several spots around the exterior of your home, particularly the roof, walls, and windows. Follow these tips for September House Maintenance to protect your home and to insure that it lasts a long time.

Inspect the Roof

Here at J. A. Edwards America, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of keeping a close eye on your roof. Regular inspection and attention to your home’s roof can prevent a host of future problems. Start your September house maintenance by looking carefully at the state of your shingles. Also examine the points of connection, like the flashing around the chimney. Address any loose pieces of missing and separated caulking or flashing.

Trim the Limbs

As long as you’re up high on the roof, you should trim any limbs or other vegetation near the roof or the chimney. Clearing the material before it becomes problematic can help to avoid roof damage caused by dropping or blowing debris.

Clean and Repair Siding

As you come down from the roof, take a careful look at the siding. Be alert for any punctures, splits, warping, or other damage. Once you have identified potentially damaged areas, repair them. After repairing the siding, clean it using the method explained here. Keeping your home’s siding clean and damage-free will allow it to last for many years, protecting the interior of your home.

Check Window Seals

While you’re carefully examining the walls of your home, get up close to the windows, both inside and out. Compromised seals in and around windows will lead to less efficient cooling and heating for your home. They can also act as an entry point for insects or other unwanted pests. Keeping the inside in and the outside out is the main job of your home. Don’t let your windows be the weak link.

Check for Air Leaks

Another source of air leaks can come from attic and basement spaces. Basically, any points where ceilings, floors, or walls are penetrated are potential sources for air leaks. Be sure to plug any holes and seal any gaps that you find.

Contact Us

If you find any problems with your roof that you think is beyond your ability to repair, or if you suspect damage after a weather event, contact us at J. A. Edwards America.