Hurricane Preparedness Week 2019

hurricane preparedness week

Hurricane Preparedness Week 2019

Orlando Area

Orlando is only a few short weeks from the beginning of hurricane season. June 1st will be here before you know it, and the season runs for a long 6 months. Now is the time to begin thinking about how to deal with a hurricane should one come Orlando’s way. 

Hurricane Preparedness Week

The National Weather Service has designated May 5-11, 2019 as Hurricane Preparedness Week. During that week, they will emphasize several themes related to keeping everyone alert and safe during the 2019 hurricane season. Take a look at the week’s themes now, then check back in with the National Weather Service during Hurricane Preparedness Week for more information and more links to helpful materials.

Sunday, May 5th

Determine Your Risk: You should know what the hurricane potential is for your area and know how a hurricane might affect your home and property.

Monday, May 6th

Develop an Evacuation Plan: Should a hurricane come Orlando’s way, you should know how to evacuate the area quickly and safely.

Tuesday, May 7th

Assemble Disaster Supplies: The time to gather important materials is well before the panicked, last-minute rush to do so. 

Wednesday, May 8th

Get an Insurance Checkup: You need to know what coverage your home and property have for hurricanes. If your home is damaged during a storm, J. A. Edwards America specializes in dealing with the difficult to navigate insurance process. Contact us here.

Thursday, May 9th

Strengthen Your Home: You can take steps now to prepare your home for storm damage. Some preparations will make last-minute protection faster and easier.

Friday, May 10th

Help Your Neighbor: Hurricanes happen to everyone at once. You’re not alone. Give a helping hand to neighbors so that the whole Orlando community can better withstand the storms. Actually, that’s good advice for every week of the year, not just Hurricane Preparedness Week.

Saturday, May 11th

Complete a Written Plan: Make sure that you write a specific plan and keep it in a safe place. The excitement of an in-coming hurricane will likely lead to forgotten items unless you have them written down. Make multiple copies and make sure that everyone in your household knows the plan.