Benefits to Installing Solar Roof Panels

solar roof panels

Benefits to Installing Solar Roof Panels

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With an average of 233 sunny days each year, the Orlando area is perfect for solar roof panels. All that sun (noticeably higher than the national average of 205 days) could translate into an environmentally friendly and economically beneficial situation if you install solar roof panels. J. A. Edwards America now offers this service. To find out more about the benefits of solar energy, continue reading.

Solar Panels Benefit the Environment

When you install solar roof panels, you reduce your home’s energy demands from traditional power sources. Those sources typically produce power in ways that also produce an abundance of greenhouse gases and other destructive waste. Lower energy demands from a solar-powered home means less carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere.

Solar Energy Is Sustainable

Solar roof panels can generate electricity as long as the sun continues to shine on the planet. Even if weather patterns change drastically and the Orlando area experiences significantly more cloudy days, solar panels will continue to work. Energy from the sun will always be available.

Solar Panels are Economically Friendly in the Short Term

Solar roof panels are more affordable now than they ever have been. Advancements in the technology and in production methods have made them reasonably accessible to the average homeowner. You might even qualify for a tax credit that will make the installation that much more affordable.

Solar Panels are Economically Friendly in the Long Term

Homeowners who install solar roof panels will see an immediate effect on their electricity bills. In many cases, depending on the situation of the roof and on the household electricity consumption, they could see the bill disappear altogether. With enough panels and reduced consumption, homeowners could even generate a surplus of electricity that could be sold to the electric company. In effect, you could make money with solar panels. Over time, that surplus could help to defray the cost of the installation. Potentially, solar roof panels could mean savings of thousands of dollars over the long term.

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