7 FAQs about Solar Panel Installation

7 FAQs about Solar Panel Installation


Last month we examined the benefits to installing solar roof panels. This month we’re going to address seven common questions about solar panel installation. 

How do solar panels work?

Typical solar panels use a crystalline structure to convert absorbed solar energy into direct current (DC) electricity. That electricity then passes through an inverter to make it usable in an alternating current (AC) system. The electricity can be applied to the home’s electrical demands, or it can be sold back to the grid.

How do I know if solar panels are a good fit for my home?

The ideal roof for solar panels faces south and receives little if any shade. Even if your home is not ideally situated, J. A. Edwards America can assess your options and easily walk you through the best set-up for your house.

Are solar panels safe to install on my roof?

Yes. Advancements in solar panel technology have made installation both easier and safer for your roof. Installation will not affect the roof’s integrity. J. A. Edwards America guarantees that our solar panel installation will not cause leaks or damage.

How will solar panel installation affect my property value?

The purchase and installation of a solar panel system usually increases property values. In some areas, the investment realizes an even better increase than a kitchen renovation. That increased value coupled with the energy cost savings and tax rebates makes solar panel installation more attractive now than ever.

What is the expected lifespan of solar panels? 

The expected lifespan for solar panels is currently 25-30 years, about the same as a typical roof. 

Should I replace my roof before installing solar panels?

Given the 25-30 year lifespan of solar panels, replacing your roof when you install the panels is probably the best option. Removing installed panels to address any issues with the roof could be costly and difficult. Let J. A. Edwards America assess your current roof and advise you about replacement options.

Are solar panels difficult to maintain?

Because they are made with tempered glass, solar panels are durable and require little, if any, regular maintenance. In many cases, the panels do not even need to be cleaned to continue working at high efficiency.

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