Autumn Exterior Maintenance

Autumn Exterior Maintenance


It’s time again to think about autumn exterior maintenance. Regular attention to your home’s exterior, especially the roof, can help to prevent costly damage over the long run. If you will keep an eye on and a hand to the following items, your home will continue to protect you and your belongings for many years to come.

Solar Panel Maintenance

If you have made the decision to add value to your home and to save on your energy bills by adding solar panels to your roof, now is the time for the simple maintenance that will keep them working at their most efficient. In general, solar panels last a long time and require very little care. Attention to these two small concerns will keep it that way.

Clear Debris

As beautiful as fall foliage can be, leaf build up can seriously diminish the effectiveness of your solar panels. If leaves are covering the panels, the solar energy cannot reach the panel. Clear all leaves and other debris from the tops of and from around the sides of all panel installations.

Gently Wash

The other factor that can reduce the efficiency of your solar panels is dirt and grime build up. This situation is easily remedied with a gentle wash from your garden hose. No need to bring out the pressure washer as a light dousing with the hose will usually do the trick.

Clear the Airways

Take a look at the area above your roof. If you see any limbs or other vegetation overhanging the roof, it’s best to deal with it before it becomes a problem. Pay particular attention to any dead or dying limbs, as these overhangs can cause major damage if they fall onto the roof.

Clean Siding and Windows

As long as you have the hose out to clean the solar panels, you might as well address the siding and windows while you’re at it. Clean both siding and windows well before they look like they need it. If they appear dirty, then they are well beyond the quick and easy clean. A little simple maintenance can go a long way.

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