Roofing Resolutions for 2020

Roofing Resolutions for 2020

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New Year’s Eve is upon us once again. As we look ahead into the coming year, we all want to see clearly, especially in 2020. When you’re taking the time to reflect back on the past year and to plan your best resolutions for the coming year, consider these three roofing resolutions for 2020.

Resolution: Stay on Top of Home Maintenance

Over the past years, we here at J. A. Edwards America have tried to impart a lot of helpful advice about regular roof inspection and maintenance (and a lot of other concerns, as well). You can see some of those posts here, here, and here. If you have been prone to let regular roof maintenance and other routine home-owner duties slide, 2020 is the year to rectify the problem. Resolve to keep a better eye on your roof, windows, and siding so that they continue to protect your home. Remember: regular simple maintenance can save you loads of time and money in the future.

Resolution: Replace Your Aging or Damaged Roof

If you have been diligent about regular roof, window, and siding maintenance, perhaps 2020 is the year to finally replace those components that have reached the end of their most effective life. Resolve to make 2020 the year that your worn out or damaged roof gets a fresh new set of shingles. Resolve to trade out your inefficient and drafty windows for new ones that can better insulate your home and save on your monthly power bill. Resolve to beautify your own home and neighborhood by ditching the cracked, warped, and faded siding and replacing it with some crisp new slats.

Resolution: Improve Your Conservation Efforts

Maybe you want to be more environmentally friendly in 2020. A resolution to add solar panels to your roof is both a smart move for the environment and for your wallet. As we explain here and here, solar panels can work out to be a fantastic investment for your home. Again, seeing clearly in 2020 might show a clear path for you!

Happy New Year!

All of here at J. A. Edwards America wish you and yours a happy, safe, and productive new year. If you resolve to make any of the changes listed here, please contact us so that we can help you make 2020 your best year yet.