3 Important Factors for Roof Color Choice

3 Important Factors for Roof Color Choice

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Nearing the season of spring cleaning, you might be deciding to do a major overhaul on your home. If it’s time to begin again with your roof, you’ll need to make a lot of decisions. While certainly not the most important consideration for your home’s roof, the color will be the most obvious attribute that everyone else sees. Given the quality of roofing products now, your color choice will likely be there for twenty or more years. Consider these three factors as you’re determining a color for your roof.

Aesthetic: Palette Coordination

Unless you’re planning to replace or to revamp the entire exterior of your home, you must consider the existing color palette. A home’s roof should coordinate with the wall and trim colors on the lower levels of the structure. While colors need not “match” they should not clash, either. Relative tone is also an important consideration. If your roof is essentially the same shade as the rest of the house, you will lose definition. Be sure to include some contrast, though it need not be severe.

Aesthetic: Architectural Coordination

Your home’s basic style will, to some degree, dictate a range of colors for your roof. Traditional home styles typically feature fairly traditional, darker roof colors. Mediterranean styles call for something that echoes terra cotta. Bolder design in the architecture also allows for bolder roof color choices.

You should keep your neighborhood in mind, as well. You probably don’t want to become that house. Try to keep your choice reasonably close to the neighborhood aesthetic while still being true to your own design choices.


Your area’s climate will affect your roof color choice. Areas like Florida should account for the often intense and overwhelmingly sunny days. The darker the roof color, the more solar energy is absorbed as heat. The lighter the roof color, the more that heat is reflected away. Residents in Orlando will probably want to stick to lighter colors to save on cooling bills in the warmer months with more direct sunlight.

This consideration might hold less weight if you opt for the installation of solar panels. The color of the roof matters a little less when the solar energy is being converted to electricity by panels.

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