Spring Has Sprung: Time to Clean the Exterior of Your Home

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Spring Has Sprung: Time to Clean the Exterior of Your Home

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Spring has sprung, so now is the time for some exterior spring cleaning. Many of us have spent the past year getting rid of attic and closet clutter, so our interiors might be relatively clean. Your home’s exterior, though, will need a good once-over every single year, if not more often than that. Follow these guidelines to keep your home’s exterior looking great and functioning properly.

Make a Day of It

Most of these suggestions will involve similar techniques that use similar products and applications. Plan to spend a day taking care of the whole home’s exterior at once. That’ll save you several trips up and down a ladder. Your back and feet will thank you.

Pay attention to the weather forecast. The best time to do all this cleaning is on a dry but cloudy day.


Clean all that fall and winter debris and gunk from your gutters. If the material is particularly thick, scoop it out by hand or with a trowel. Gutters that need only a small amount of cleaning can get by with a simple hose down. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the downspouts as you flush the gutters. Now is a good time to identify clogs or other obstructions. For more information on cleaning your gutters, click here.


Choose your cleaning solution. Don’t feel like you need to rely on fancy store-bought mixtures. Plenty of recipes that you whip up at home will work just fine. Try to use distilled water to avoid spots and streaks. Make sure your sponge is completely clean and free of anything that might scratch the glass. Use a squeegee for the best sparkle. For more tips on window cleaning, click here.

Vinyl Siding

You can probably take care of most vinyl siding cleaning jobs with the same stuff that you’ve used on the windows. You might get by with just the water hose. If you need more power to get rid of the mildew and grime, try a pressure washer. Don’t get over-zealous, though. Too much pressure can damage the siding. For more tips on cleaning vinyl siding, click here.

Solar Panels

If you’re one the homeowners who have taken advantage of the Orlando sun and have installed solar panels on your roof, you might be wondering about the cleaning regimen. The expert opinion is mixed. If your panels receive a decent amount of rainfall, that will probably be enough to wash away any gunk that might compromise the efficiency of your panels. If you want to be sure, clean the panels gently with the same solution that you use on your windows.

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One of the secondary benefits to an exterior spring cleaning day is the opportunity to take a look at your windows and your roof. If you notice any problems, contact us at J. A. Edwards of America. We can assess the situation and offer advice for the best fix.