6 Sources of Roof Damage Not Caused by Weather

6 Sources of Roof Damage Not Caused by Weather


A lot of attention gets paid to the many ways that weather can damage a home’s roof. We’re all very aware of wind and hail, but perhaps not as familiar with other types of roof damage. Take a look at these 6 sources of roof damage not caused by the weather.


Over time, any roof made of any materials will eventually wear down. The weather certainly plays a role in that inevitable aging, but it will still occur in the absence of any significant weather event like a hurricane or hail storm. Be aware of your roof’s age and begin to look for signs of significant wear when it nears its recommended lifespan.

Lack of Maintenance

This factor couples with the age factor. For most of the year, you can ignore your home’s roof and it will continue to do its job just fine. But poor maintenance or a lack of any basic maintenance at all can lead to damage that would have been easily preventable with a little diligence. Don’t wait for a problem to develop before you turn your attention upward.

Lack of Ventilation

This source of damage comes from within. If your home’s attic space does not have adequate ventilation, the combination of heat and humidity can wreak havoc. Make sure that vents are not blocked and the attic space gets the proper air flow.

Compromised Flashing

A number of different factors can lead to compromised flashing. Anything that causes the flashing to warp, bend, or otherwise pull away will lead to leaks that will cause even more damage to the material behind and beneath.

Overgrown Trees and Vines

When a tree’s limbs are allowed to grow over a roof, you run the risk of damage from limbs and other tree debris. Weakened branches can tumble down in even a slight breeze. Leaves from overhanging branches are much more likely to clog gutters. Vines can lift the edges of shingles making them more vulnerable to wind damage. Both overhanging trees and overgrown vines can act as a highway for the next source of damage.


Squirrels, raccoons, opossums, bats. Any of these creatures can easily tear up sections of a roof looking for a way inside. The damage they cause can be quite extensive. Insects also contribute to non-weather-related damage. Termites are the obvious guilty party; if they get as far as the roof, the structure is definitely in trouble. Carpenter ants and carpenter bees don’t so much build with wood and bore holes and weaken the integrity of the structure.

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