Solar Panels in the Winter

Solar Panels in the Winter


The Times Are Changing

The time change during the last weekend of October and first weekend in November brings to mind the shortened days during late autumn and winter. People with or considering solar panels might wonder whether the panels work as well in the winter. The short answer: yes.

Solar Panels and Snow

Certainly neighbors far to the north of Orlando might need to think about snow coverage on their solar panels in the winter. The blocked panels will not produce as much power, but they will still produce. The coverage of snow shouldn’t be a concern for Orlando residents, though. 

Snow in Orlando?

The last significant snowfall in Orlando occurred way back in January, 1977. Even then, the area received only a light dusting that didn’t last very long at all. What little snow there was wouldn’t have interfered with solar panel energy production. The bigger concern that year was the cold. With temperatures in the 20s, how would solar panels have fared in the frigid air?

Cold=More Efficient

The good news is that solar panels are actually more efficient in colder temperatures. With higher efficiency during the cooler months of the year, solar panels in winter might get close to off-setting the reduced amount of time the panels are exposed to sunlight.

Maximum Placement

When you decide to install solar panels on your home’s roof, J. A. Edwards of America will position them for maximum sun exposure. With optimal placement, your solar panels will take advantage of the Orlando sun even through the winter months. In January, Orlando still averages around 19 days with sun. That’s strong energy production two thirds of the time. The other days, whether rainy or simply overcast, still do not prevent solar energy production.

Let Us Work for You

If you’re thinking about taking advantage of Orlando’s nearly ideal conditions for solar panels, click here to learn more about the services and products that J. A. Edwards of America offers. We can walk you through the process of options, tax credits, estimates, and installation. Let your roof start working for you by installing solar panels in the winter.