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Spring Has Sprung: Time to Clean the Exterior of Your Home

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Spring has sprung, so now is the time for some exterior spring cleaning. Many of us have spent the past year getting rid of attic and closet clutter, so our interiors might be relatively clean. Your home’s exterior, though, will need a good once-over every single year, if not more often than that. Follow these […]

Build Your Future with JA Edwards of America

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At JA Edwards we strive to create an environment that makes us an extraordinary place for our team to work, so that we can pass on that same experience to our customers. We pride ourselves on recognizing our talented employees through at the year. At JA Edwards we also strive to create a culture that […]

3 Basics of Roof Replacement


Making the decision to replace your home’s roof can be a difficult one. The many factors that influence the choice for roof work can quickly confuse even the most savvy homeowner. Once that decision is made, however, the other choices are just beginning. Understanding these 3 Basics of Roof Replacement will help you navigate those […]

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Roofing Claims

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Your roof doesn’t have to be leaking to have suffered damage from a recent storm. Worried about all that you have to coordinate when making an insurance claim on your roof? Alleviate the headache of dealing with the insurance company over and over again – leave it in our trustworthy hands! Meeting inspectors, and assisting […]

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Thinking of Selling? Check Your Roof.

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If the new year has put you in mind to sell your home in 2021, you might want to consider these important factors in home buying. Most house sellers in Florida tend to put their homes on the market in late spring, looking for an early summer sale. Given that timing, anyone interested in home […]

New Year, New Roof?


Is 2021 the year you get a new roof? If you have a tile roof that is ten year or older, it might be time to have it inspected for storm damage. Tile roofing is a beautiful and great option for protecting your home, but any roof system has the potential to be impacted by […]

JA Edwards Recognizes Top Achievers

JA Edwards Recognizes Top Achievers


JA Edwards of America is excited to announce our 2020 Award Winners (listed below). This year’s awardees were recognized at the Annual Awards Ceremony hosted at the Lake Nona Golf and Country Club. Top 3 Sales Reps:Josh Phillips, Teddy Sandland, Tara Daniels Team Player of the Year: Cecil Sapp Rookie of the Year: Raymond Miller […]


Can You Fire-proof a Roof?

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We’ve written many times here at J. A. Edwards of America about the important protections provided by roofs. Most of that information has been about water and wind. Your home’s roof, though, also offers protection from the other end of the damage spectrum: fire. A healthy, intact roof can help prevent and minimize fire damage […]

Checklist for Winterizing Your Roof

Checklist for Winterizing Your Roof


Winter weather is coming and that means now is the time to prepare your home’s roof. Winterizing your roof is relatively easy, and to help you prepare we’ve put together a quick checklist to make it even easier for you. Step One – Inspect your roof  Before you start anything else,, it is important that […]

Outdoor Decorating Safety Tips

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’Tis the season for holiday decorations! All around the Orlando area, homeowners are collecting the lights, inflatables, garlands, and trees from their attics. As you begin to string up the lights along your roof, be sure to follow these ten outdoor decorating safety tips. Double Check Lights and Cords Before you go through the trouble […]