3 Basics of Roof Replacement

3 Basics of Roof Replacement


Making the decision to replace your home’s roof can be a difficult one. The many factors that influence the choice for roof work can quickly confuse even the most savvy homeowner. Once that decision is made, however, the other choices are just beginning. Understanding these 3 Basics of Roof Replacement will help you navigate those waters.

What Materials Will You Use?

The many options for roof materials can overwhelm anyone. Some choices are fairly straightforward and are ultimately down to the numbers, like the material’s life span or the energy efficiency. Others factors, though, might not be as clear. Your home’s style might affect what roof will look right. Many neighborhoods and municipalities have guidelines for what materials can be used in a community.

Roof materials come in five basic categories: asphalt, metal, wood, slate, and composite. Within these categories, more choices come up. What color? Shape? Size? Texture?

Speak with a knowledgeable roofing professional to clear up any confusion about all of these materials choices.

How Much Will It Cost?

Part of the decision about materials will almost certainly involve cost. That single factor might lead all other considerations. The final cost of any roof replacement depends on the size of the roof, the pitch of the roof, the materials used, and perhaps the state of the existing roof components.

Again, the best way to navigate these myriad factors is to speak with a knowledgable roofing professional.

Who Will Do the Work?

Leave roof replacement to the professionals. As you’ve seen, making the initial choices about materials and cost is much easier with the help of someone who knows the ins and outs of the project.

Look for a roofing company that are reliable experts in the field. The best companies will walk you through the entire process so that you can establish your expectations. The very best companies will then live up to those expectations, and even surpass them.

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