Notice a leak? Here’s what to do.

roof leak

Notice a leak? Here’s what to do.

Home Tips

Here’s the scenario: you’re watching a movie during a rainstorm and you feel a drop of water. What do you do? No one wants it to be a roof leak, but it happens. Follow these tips if your ceiling starts dripping water on you.

Secure Your Stuff

A little water can cause a lot of damage to your valuables very quickly. As soon as you notice a leak, move your things out of the way or cover them with a tarp or with plastic. 

Manage the Water

You will need to both provide a place for the water to go and a way to contain it. Much damage from leaks can result from a build up of water pressure. By making a hole in already damaged drywall, you can alleviate that particular problem. Once you have centralized the flow of the water, catching it in buckets becomes much easier. This step also helps to protect your valuables because you know more about where the water is going.

Find the Source

If you can, get into your attic space and locate the source of the water. You might be able to catch the water before it flows any lower into your home. If no water is immediately visible, the source will be much more difficult to locate. Avoid trying to find the leak from the outside during a rainstorm. Leave that dangerous work to the professionals.

Cover the Roof

If your roof is fairly easy to access and you have a tarp, cover the source of the leak. This temporary measure could save a lot of time and trouble. Do not go to great risk to tarp the roof; it’s simply not worth it.

Document the Damage

As you’re completing the other steps, try to document everything with photos. Get pictures of the damage, of the source, of your valuables, etc. You might not end up needing that documentation, but if you do need it later, it’s best to record the event as it happens.

Contact a Roofing Professional

As soon as you can, contact the pros at J. A. Edwards of America. Delaying action will likely lead to further damage. Roofing professionals can fix the problem and identify other areas that might be potential problems in the future.

Maintain the Roof

Once the leak has been repair, continue regular maintenance. You follow these tips.