Gutter Maintenance Tips

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Gutter Maintenance Tips

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A building’s gutters are an often over-looked component in the health of the both the roof and foundation. That’s why gutter maintenance is so crucial to a long-lasting home. Clogged gutters lead to leaky and overflowing gutters. That water has to go somewhere, either back into the roof or directly onto the foundation. In the worst cases, it’s both. The water flowing back towards the roof can lead to rot or to leaks into the house’s interior. Too much water at the foundation can lead to shifting or to cracks in the foundation. The good news is that gutter maintenance is relatively quick and easy. You can clear all the debris from the summer and the autumn leaf drop in an afternoon so that you can enjoy your home for a lifetime.

Safety First

Your personal safety is infinitely more important than a clean gutter. Pay special attention. You’ll want to use a sturdy ladder placed carefully on a hard, level surface. If you can work with a partner, one can climb the ladder while the other keeps it steady.

Think Ahead for Clean Up

Before you climb the ladder, consider what you’re going to do with the stuff you clear out. While you could carry a bucket with you, it could get heavy and unwieldy going up and down the ladder. A better option is to spread a tarp or just some plastic sheeting. As you clear the gunk, you can flop it down onto the covering. Cleaning up afterward is breeze.

Use a Plastic Scoop

Using a tool made from plastic will help to prevent damage to your gutters. A sturdy plastic garden trowel will do the trick, but you could also use something as simple as a kid’s sand shovel. If neither of those is available, try using a decent plastic spatula from the kitchen.

Hose It Out

Once you’ve cleared the bigger pieces of debris and the wads of leaves, use a hose to wash out the smaller bits and the sludge. The goal is as clean a gutter as you can get. Even a little bit of caked up gunk can collect more material as the year goes on.

Take this opportunity to check for leaks, drips, sagging, or other gutter damage. Some of the fixes for these problems are cheap and easy, like installing a gutter hanger.

Examine the Roof

As long as you’re up there, cast an eye to the areas around the gutters. If you notice any roof damage or any damage to the other components, it might be a good time to contact J. A. Edwards of America. We can inspect your roof and guide you through the process of repair and/or replacement.