Your Roof Has Style

Your Roof Has Style


Did you know that there are different styles of roofs? Do you know what style your home has?

Most people don’t spend time thinking about the type of roof they have until it needs to be repaired or replaced. Often the style of roof your home has depends on more than just the aesthetics, but also where your home is located.

Different types of roofing are suited for different climates. For instance, gabled or peaked roofs tend to work best in areas where there’s snow accumulation so that it doesn’t weigh down the roof, while in warmer, drier climates, you’re more likely to see flat roofs.

Roofs can be not only different styles but made from different materials. Materials range from shingles or metal to tiles.

The style of roof on your home affects more than you realize. It impacts the overall aesthetic, energy efficiency, the amount of storage and in some cases can impact the value your home has.

Make sure you are protecting your home’s roof and call a JA Edwards of America representative to have them give your home a free inspection.