Stop Putting Off Roof Inspection

Stop Putting Off Roof Inspection

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The roof is always over our heads, but how often do we actually think about it? It sits up there, quietly protecting our Orlando homes from the elements, and we completely forget about it. On the rare occasion when we do give a thought to our roof, something has happened to draw our attention up. Even when that something occurs, we quickly forget unless the damage is obvious and dramatic. The roof is not quite out of sight, out of mind, but for most of us, it’s pretty close.

Because we rarely consider the wellbeing of our roof, we will often ignore the routine maintenance that can make all the difference in its long life. That lack of attention can eventually lead to much larger and more costly problems. Best to give care now. Ask yourself these three key questions:

When was the last time someone put eyes on the roof?

For many Orlando homes, the last time someone actually looked at the roof was when he was nailing in the final shingle. Since that time, the roof has gone unnoticed. Has it been months? Years? A lot can happen even during one season.

How has the weather been during that interval?

Even uneventful weather will wear down a roof over enough time. Years of humdrum rain showers will eventually erode the granules on even the highest quality shingles. What weather events passed through Orlando since the last time someone looked at the roof? Any high winds? Particularly strong rain? Hail, even small stuff? How many tropical storms have sailed through? And what about heat?

Have you experienced any other sources of damage?

Weather shares the damage dealing with a host of other factors. How many times have the kids crash landed a toy on the roof? Did the retrieval cause damage? What about trees? Does a pine tree regularly clog your gutter with needles, causing leaks and overflow? Any robust oaks pelting your roof with acorns? Are aging trees shedding limbs? Have creeping vines worked their way between joints? Have squirrels, mice, or bats decided to take up residence? Are bees actively producing honey in the eaves?

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If the answers to these questions have you wondering about the state of your neglected roof, contact us at J. A. Edwards of America. We can properly inspect your Orlando home’s roof. We can then offer advice about repairs or replacement.