Common Spring Roofing Problems

Common Spring Roofing Problems

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Spring rolls around once again to Orlando, Florida. With spring might also come one of these common spring roofing problems. As you’re out enjoying a stroll around your house on a pleasant March afternoon, consider casting your eyes upward to your roof. If you spot any signs of these potential problems, you’ll know who to contact.

Damaged Gutters

If you didn’t take the time for routine gutter cleaning in the fall, your gutters might be blocked or clogged completely this spring. Increased wet weather as the temperatures grow steadily warmer will only make the problem worse. Look for drips over the edge of the gutters or evidence of heavy splashing at the foundation. 

Check to see that all the gutters are securely anchored and are not leaning, swaying, or sagging. A build up of material in the gutter leads to the retention of water in the gutter. That weight can be enough to pull the gutter away from the roofline.

Damaged Underlayments

Although temperature variations in Orlando are not usually extreme, fluctuations combined with wet conditions can damage any roof’s underlayment over time. Also, damage to the covering shingles from hail or wind will also expose the underlayment to damage. Compromised underlayment leads to leaks, and so should be dealt with immediately.

Chimney Damage

Did you burn a fire this winter? If so, check your chimney to ensure that it is still fully intact. small cracks in the brick mortar or around the roof junction can widen over time, leading to more cracks and more potential for leaks and other water damage.

Unwelcome Lodgers

Even slightly cooler temperature during the winter in Orlando might have driven any number of pests to seek lodging in or around your home’s roof. Bees, beetles, ants, and hornets might all have found a cozy spot under your eaves. Squirrels can find their way into surprising small opening and will chew enough to make the hole even more accessible. Then they will stash food in your attic for later. Mice love to set up house in a home’s attic space and can grow to large numbers in a single winter.

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If you notice any of these coming spring roofing problems, contact us at J. A. Edwards of America. We can assess the situation and help to plan and execute a solution.