Understand the Sag: Storm Damage to Gutters

Understand the Sag: Storm Damage to Gutters


When strong storms roll through the Orlando area, they can damage more than just your home’s roof. We’ve looked before at the potential ways that shingles and other up-top components can be damaged. This time we will examine the different ways that your gutters could be affected.


Even if you have been dutiful with your regular gutter maintenance, the strong winds and heavy rains that come with a large storm can overwhelm even a recently cleaned gutter. Leaf and limb debris can quickly collect and prevent the flow of water to the down spouts. Gutters that were efficiently draining water the day before a storm can leak with just a little debris in the way.

That leaking can lead to a whole host of other problems to your roof, walls, and foundation.


When gutters back up with water, they hold a lot more weight than they are designed to handle. Water is heavy. That additional weight causes stress at the connection points of the gutter. The fasteners with the most additional stress, typically the ones in the middle of a span, can pull away or come unattached completely. When that happens, the gutters will sag and droop. 

The sagging creates its own draining problem. With the lowest spot of the gutter now in the middle, the water will not flow towards the down spouts. Essentially, sagging gutters lead to even saggier gutters. Eventually, the gutter may detach completely.


Even if gutters don’t become clogged with debris and begin leaking, they can still be damaged by high winds. If fasteners are already weakened, the likelihood of a gust pulling it loose is high. When gutters detach at one point, but remain attached at another, they can swing wildly. The flapping gutter length then becomes a source of damage for the remaining gutters, the siding, and the windows.

Dents, Dings, and Holes

As we know, hail can destroy a roof. Hail can also cause massive gutter damage. Even small hailstones that do little damage to shingles can fill a gutter, leading to the same leaking and sagging problems addressed earlier. For larger hailstones, the same force that punches holes in shingles can dent, ding, or even penetrate a gutter.

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