Preparing Your Orlando Home for Hurricane Ian

Preparing Your Orlando Home for Hurricane Ian

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As Hurricane Ian, 2022’s first major hurricane to make landfall in the US, seems poised to make a fairly direct hit on Orlando, we here at JA Edwards of America want to remind Orlando-area homeowners about hurricane preparations. As of the last week in September, Hurricane Ian is only a few days away from Orlando. That leaves folks with time to best prepare their homes for the storm. Follow these tips to minimize damage to your home. Most importantly, put your own personal safety first.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

If you’ve been diligent about regular maintenance of your gutters and downspouts, this precaution will be a simple one. At the very least, Orlando residents can expect a lot of rain. Clean gutters and downspouts allow all that rain to flow with little worry about runoff negatively affecting either the roof components or the foundation.

Remove Debris

As with gutters, regular maintenance makes this one simple. Get rid of anything on the roof or in the yard surrounding the house. Limbs and branches scattered around the yard can become dangerous projectiles in high winds. You’ll also be doing a favor for your neighbors; if everyone cleans up, nobody’s yard debris becomes anyone else’s problem.

Trim Trees

This step might be the most time consuming, but also the one most likely to prevent major damage. If you survey your house’s overhanging or nearby trees, shrubs, and bushes and notice any dead or dying limbs, get rid of them immediately. Do the same for any plants that are close to touching your house. Even if they do not break off, winds can still turn them into battering rams.

Secure Loose Items

Bring any furniture, toys, games, or other loose items into a secured spot. If the item is too large to bring indoors, fasten it ropes or other tie-downs. Remember that trampolines are basically giant horizontal sails.

Obtain Tarps

Have some large tarps on hand before you need them. Better to store a couple of large tarps after a storm than to not be able to obtain one to cover the hole in your house.

Reseal Windows

A little silicone caulk can go a long way to prevent moisture from penetrating around windows. Perform a quick inspection around window sills and seal up any spots that might potentially leak.

Cover Windows/Leave Them Closed

If it looks like Hurricane Ian will make a direct, strong hit on Orlando, try to cover your windows with plywood. That should help protect them from any debris that is beyond your control. Also, ignore the myth about leaving windows open to prevent damage. Secure your home as tightly as possible.

Contact Us

We hope that Hurricane Ian will blow through with minimal damage and destruction. If your home is damaged by the storm, contact us at JA Edwards of America. We can assess the damage and work with you to repair or replace what needs to be fixed.