Autumn Maintenance: Solar Panels

Autumn Maintenance: Solar Panels

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As you’re climbing on the roof to perform routine autumn maintenance, the time would be ideal to do the same for your solar panels. Many homeowners around the Orlando area have opted for this energy-saving and environmentally-friendly option. To keep those solar panels running at optimum efficiency, follow these tips.

Basic Inspection

From the Ground

Even before you climb the ladder, you might be able to spot potential areas that need attention. Look for missing panels or panels that are obviously loose. You might be able to see collected leaves, sticks, and other debris from the ground and then plan to take the appropriate tools when you go up for a closer look.

Debris Damage

Since Hurricane Ian tore through Florida in late September, checking your home’s solar panels for damage is probably a good idea even if you aren’t doing regular maintenance. Look for signs of damage caused by debris. Cracked panels or dented housings are sure signs. 

Wind Damage

Look for loosened connection points caused by high winds. If you notice any give in the panels, repair it immediately. Those points are prime spots for water to seep in and cause further damage to your roof and attic space.

Simple Cleaning

Clear the Junk

If you don’t notice any damage that needs immediate attention, you can move on to a simple cleaning. Clear off any debris that might have collected around the panels, especially on the higher side. As that material can collect moisture, you’ll want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Wipe Down the Panels

You probably won’t need to scrub very hard to get rid of any dirt or grime on your solar panels. Use a soft, clean cloth or brush and water to gently wipe away anything that might have collected. Avoid using overly stiff brushes as you increase the risk for scratch or otherwise damaging the surface of the panel.

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