Fascia Board Rot: Causes and Effects

Fascia Board Rot: Causes and Effects

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Much of the attention given to roof damage focuses on the shingles. Other roofing components are also susceptible to serious problems that can shorter the life of the roof and cause damage to the rest of the structure. The fascia board is one of these components.

What is a fascia board?

The fascia board appears at the edge of the roof. The wide, flat part of the board is hung vertically, allowing a surface for mounting gutters. It both hides and protects the ends of the rafters.

What causes damage to a fascia board?

Several factors can lead to a damaged fascia. The most common source for fascia damage is an improperly installed roof. The improper installation allows water to flow down and remain on the fascia board, causing the board to rot.

Gutter issues are another major source of fascia damage. Since the gutter mounts to the fascia, any gutter problems quickly become fascia problems. As with the roof, improper installation is often the culprit. Clogged gutters and downspouts lead to overflowing gutters, which allow the fascia board to stay wet. 

Age and accidental damage can both take their toll on fascia boards. As most fascia boards are made of wood, over time that wood will naturally age. Incidental damage from weather or accidents can act as starting point for further rot.

What are the effects of fascia board rot?

Left unchecked, rot in the fascia board will spread to other parts of the structure. Eventually the mold and mildew can cause structural damage.

The rot weakens the wood. Any points of connection for the gutter can easily pull away from the weakened wood. As the gutters pull away, they cause further damage to the fascia.

Exterior rot in the fascia board can allow moisture into the roof and attic areas of the structure. The moisture can lead to interior mold and mildew. The outside problem becomes and indoor health issue.

Rot in the fascia board could indicate problems elsewhere. If water is not being drawn away from the fascia board properly, that water is likely causing problems in the areas below the fascia. Water pooling at the foundation will cause other structural issues down the line.

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