6 Causes of Roof Leaks (+1)

6 Causes of Roof Leaks (+1)


Picture the scene: you’re relaxing on the couch, binge watching a new show. Outside the rain comes down in sheets. As you click through to the next episode, you feel something plop on the top of your head. You feel water. Where did that come from? You look to the ceiling and see the tell-tale signs of a roof leak. What could have caused this headache? Read on to find out about 6 causes of a leaky roof, plus 1.

Aging Shingles

No matter the quality of the original shingles, over time they degrade due to weather and sunlight. The leak might simply be the effect of aging shingles. When roofing has outlasted its useful life, the only thing to do is replace the roof.

Damaged Shingles

Over the years, JA Edwards of America has posted a lot about the different ways that shingles can become compromised. Wind, hail, and/or debris could have damaged the shingles, leading to water penetration.

Roof Puncture

While much more unusual than everyday wear and tear or typical storm-related damage, sometimes a roof can be compromised well beyond a simple hole in a shingle. For example, a large enough limb can punch straight through all of the layers of a roof. A severe enough impact could crack the wood underneath the shingles.

Improper Installation

Even a brand new roof can leak if the workmanship is not up to par. Improper installation of any of the components can lead to leaks immediately or can cause problems that won’t show up as a leak for years. The same principle applies to materials that are properly installed but of are poor quality.

Compromised Valleys

When two segments of a roof meet, the resulting valley can experience a lot of water coming together in one spot. The slightest bit of damage, improper installation, or obstructed water flow can lead to a leak.

Obstructed Water Flow

Obstructed water flow problems are not limited to a roof’s valleys. Gutters and drain pipes are the usual locations for issues with water flow. If the gutters are clogged or the drainpipe is blocked, the water must go somewhere, and that somewhere could be your attic space.

Poor Ventilation

The last issue, our plus 1, results from poor ventilation. Areas like bathrooms and kitchens that naturally experience a lot of moisture can eventually lead to a damaging build up of that moisture with inadequate ventilation. While technically not a leak, the ensuing damage is much the same.

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