Thinking of Selling? Check Your Roof.

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Thinking of Selling? Check Your Roof.

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If the new year has put you in mind to sell your home in 2021, you might want to consider these important factors in home buying. Most house sellers in Florida tend to put their homes on the market in late spring, looking for an early summer sale. Given that timing, anyone interested in home buying in the Orlando area should begin preparing in early spring. 

How a Roof Affects Home Buying

To be sure, a home’s curb appeal is crucial. The first impression that the home buying crowd get when rolling up to a house can often make or break the deal. Careful landscaping and window staging might be the main attractors, but the home’s roof will also draw the eye. Any roof that is obviously aging or in need of repair might sour any potential buyer. A buyer that makes it past a first impression and gets as far as the inspection stage will certainly pay attention to the roof.

What Can a Seller Do?

Of course, regular observation and maintenance of a house’s roof will likely prevent any of these potential issues. At this point, though, you have the roof you have. Here at J. A. Edwards of America, we’ve addressed many of these issues before. Here’s a list of roofing concerns:

  • Signs of leaks: This one is the most obvious. Look everywhere inside and out for dark spots that might indicate water damage.
  • Mold or mildew on fascia: Even if water hasn’t penetrated at a leak point, you might still have water collecting on and damaging fascia boards. Look for obvious signs of mold and mildew.
  • Faulty gutters: Some of the problems with a house’s foundation could be the result of a bad gutter. Make sure that gutters are draining properly and aren’t overflowing onto the fascia and ultimately the ground around the house.
  • Poor ventilation: Moisture accumulating in a poorly ventilated attic can cause all sorts of problems.
  • Sagging ridges: A drooping roofline indicates a problem with the structure of the roof that needs attention.
  • Damaged shingles: Are any shingles cracked, broken, curling, loose, or missing? These problems should be readily evident.
  • Worn shingles: This problem can hide from easy observation. Over time the granules on an asphalt shingle can wear away. Look in and around the gutters for an excess of granules.

What About the Home Buyer?

If you’re on the home buying side, be aware of these potential inspection items. You might be able to get a general sense of the roof’s quality from the curb, but getting a knowledgable roofer to inspect the structure is critical. Know that the seller should shoulder the burden of any roof repairs before the deal goes through.

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