Preparing for Hurricane Season 2022

Preparing for Hurricane Season 2022

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As spring slowly but surely starts to fade into summer in the Orlando region, our thoughts invariably turn to hurricane season 2022. Even though we’re not quite out of April yet, preparing ourselves and our homes early will help to ensure a safe weathering of the storms if they do come.

Hurricane Season 2022

Officially Hurricane Season 2022 runs from June 1st through November 30th. To keep abreast of current and ongoing conditions, look for regular tropical weather outlooks starting in the middle  of May.

Current Predictions

The truly active season won’t begin for several weeks, but current pre-season forecasts call for slightly above-average activity. Any chance for more storms in general means that the probability for a mid-Florida landfall increases as well. A mid-Florida land fall means that Orlando residents should remain at the ready.

Hurricane Prep Tips

While our main area of expertise here at J. A. Edwards of America is your home’s roof, we want everyone to be as prepared for a hurricane as possible. Here are some tips for preparing both your home and, more importantly, yourself for a storm.

Evacuation Plan

Build a specific evacuation plan. Don’t wait for the storms to form to start planning. Everyone in your household should know and understand the plan.

You should also know your evacuation zones. Click here to find out more.


Part of your plan should be a go-kit: an already assembled collection of essentials that you can take with you in a hurry. Click here for more advice on how to build your go-kit.


Write a detailed checklist of everything you need to do when evacuating. When tensions are high, even the procedures we’ve practiced can get past us. Keep one list with your go-kit. Keep another in an easy-to-remember location.

Ready Your Home

Once you’ve assembled plans and go-kits, you’re ready to focus on your structure. Some of these processes can be part of your routine maintenance. Some will need to wait until you’re leaving.

Check for Leaks

Obviously, an already existing leak will only get worse when a big storm rolls through. Torrential rains can quickly turn a minor leak into a huge problem. Click here for advice on looking for leaks.

Clean Gutters

This one should be part of your regular routine. You can see some gutter-cleaning tips here.

Trim Landscaping and Trees

Any limbs or branches that can reach your house are potential sources of damage when high winds come. Be sure to keep everything trimmed back well away from the structure. As with the gutter cleaning, this task should be part of the regular routine. When you’re leaving town, you don’t want to be dragging out the loppers.

Tidy the Outside Clutter

Anything loose on the patio or lawn should be secured or stowed inside. Items like chairs, yard games, and even wind chimes can cause significant damage to your home if they are flung around in high winds.

Unplug Electronics

Not many people think beyond basic power outages. Unplug your electronics, even if you’re using surge protectors. If they are unplugged, they cannot be a source for electrical damage or act as a potential electrical fire source.

Contact Us

We hope that Orlando will remain storm-free during hurricane season 2022. If we do get heavy storms and your home sustains roof damage, contact us at J. A. Edwards of America.