Cracked: Storm Damage to Your Home’s Windows

Cracked: Storm Damage to Your Home’s Windows


Last month we looked at the many ways that gutters can be damaged in a storm. This month we turn our eye to windows. When the next big storm rolls through the Orlando area, you’ll know what to look for around your home’s windows. Knowing what damage might occur and what the results can be will help save you headache and money in the future.

Wind Damage

Even a relatively small storm can still send winds gusting. Any one of these bursts can pick up debris and hurl it towards your home’s windows. The result: cracked or outright shattered glass. This damage will be the most obvious, but you should also be on the lookout for dings and dents to the window frame. This damage can compromise the window’s ability to keep out moisture.

Strong enough winds from hurricane-size storms can blow out windows without the aid of debris. That’s why protecting your home’s windows ahead of a tropical storm is crucial.

Hail Damage

Sometimes storms come with their own debris: hailstones. Most of the time hail tends to fall more-or-less straight down, and so a home’s vertical windows are not in much danger. Sheer winds, however, can send hailstones flying on a nearly horizontal trajectory. These events will demolish any windows facing the direction of the wind.

Even the relatively straight-down hailstones can still cause damage. The window’s glass might remain intact, but the protective screens can be dented, scratched, or punched. That damage is not just unsightly; the screen might sustain damage that will render it less useful in future storms.

Hail can also damage the flashing above the window. These dents will probably not be visible from a ground inspection. Damaged flashing can easily lead to further water damage to the window itself.

Water Damage

Whether it’s from the cracks or dents caused by debris or hail or from the amount of water coming from the storm, water damage is the source of long term destruction. Water seeping in around window frames will eventually rot the framing and can lead to mold. Moisture finding its way between panes of glass will ruin the window’s energy efficiency and looks awful.

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