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In a hail or wind storm, windows are often damaged from hail or debris. This damage is often seen as streaks or striations on the window screens.

Many times insurance companies will only cover the side of the house, or elevation, that has been damaged by the storm. Homeowners are challenged by trying to match a new window with the existing frames. JA Edwards of America, Inc., can match your current windows without the pressure to replace every pane on the house. Because we focus on repairing storm damage and not on refitting the structure with an entirely new set of windows, homeowners save money on window replacements.

If you decide that you do want to replace all the windows, JA Edwards of America, Inc., can work with you find the best solution. Without a particular brand alliance, we can make objective recommendations to you that will best fit your budget.

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When you don’t go through the repair, renovation and construction process every day, it’s easy for homeowners to feel anxious. At JA Edwards of America, we want you to feel comfortable step by step, so we’ve outlined what to expect in detail. Our staff is on your side, ready to help!

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